Sit Back . . . RELAX!! Let us take care of the Rest!
Sit Back . . . RELAX!! Let us take care of the Rest!


Our team of highly trained and industry award winning technicians make over 10,000 poolside visits each year. Tim's Pools Ltd is the Safe,  Reliable,  Professional,  Trustworthy, and Easy choice for all your pool service, repair and remodeling needs.


We know that your pool is a huge investment in fun, family, and friends. Pool maintenance is vital to ensuring a healthy, safe environment to swim in and also to ensure the longevity of your pool, pool surface and equipment and if done correctly WILL save you money in the long run.


Once we have had the opportunity to have a site visit we will provide you a quote for services. The factors that are taken into consideration are the following:

  1. Size of pool    
  2. vegetation around the pool  
  3. type pool surface       
  4. type of filtration system        
  5. Age of pool & equipment
  6. Time of year – cost more during high traffic times due to increased time & chemical costs, less in lower use or no use times
  7. Number of visits wanted (one off, weekly, bi-monhtly, monthly)


We do offer a number of packages to suit our clients time and budget requirements.


Pool Services


Our most popular and comprehnesive pool cleaning service offers weekly cleaning visits. This service includes neting, wall brushing (as needed), vacuuming, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning (as needed), and checking pool chemistry & balancing. Custom service programs are available and can tailored to provide premium one off cleans or multiple trips per week for clients with high use or in heavy debris areas during certain times of the year. 


Our pick up and chemical and equipment drop off service is fantastic for our clients who love to clean their pools but just don't have the extra time to purchase the chemicals and equipment they need. Our door to door service makes it easy for them to keep on top of the weekly cleaning. We can also provide a weekly water test and rebalance to helps ensure that your water is in a safe and beautiful swimming condition. 


Clients sometimes have special requests. These range from fountain cleanings, multiple cleanings per week due to debris or high traffic usuage, to one time cleanings due to special occasions like weddings or parties. We work hard to tailor our service to your needs, creating a custom pool service that keeps you enjoying your pool year round. Service can be performed as frequently as three times a week in some areas, or we can simply do that one task you just can't stand; it's up to you. 

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